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Welcome to BauCapital

BauCapital, is a comprehensive real estate agency located in Barcelona city.

Investment services

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and sales

We evaluate market trends and provide specific property valuation on your investment properties.

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BauCapital ensures that you receive accurate advice when making an investment with us from concept design to investment completion.

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Property management
and operating profit

When required Bau Capital is able to manage all your property operating and construction needs including builders, suppliers and providers.


BauCapital is an investment management company, which aims to increase the patrimonial value of their clients using their own short, medium and long-term strategies. In all cases considering both profitability and professional ethics.

Commercial building sales

BauCapital specialises in the management of property sales and acquisition in Barcelona, Madrid and commercial buildings of interest in other locations.


BauCapital uses a specific Brand name BauRent for all its rental business. This includes both the search of rental properties as well as putting your properties within the rental market.

Business Premisses

Barcelona is one of the world’s top capital within the real estate sector. In this setting, BauCapital is increasingly growing in all aspects of business: Retail, Offices spaces, Commercial and industrial unit.

Maintaining and building

BauCapital has reputable expertise in the world of construction and commercial promotion. We provide the tools for restoration, construction or promotion.

Patrimonial Investments

BauCapital relies on a prepared expert team which seeks the ideal location and tailors and manages your requests. This service called BauProperties. We also provide BauRent aimed in taking advantage of a real estate investment.

Ethics and social responsability

At BauCapital we think that profitability, real estate investment and financial management are perfectly compatible with ethical behavior and the social responsibility.

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