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Commercial building Sales

Due to our location: Barcelona, one of the world’s most stable and fastest growing capitals in the Retail sector, Offices and industrial units, our team works in close collaboration with professionals in all sectors of real estate.

At the same time, we manage the rental and sale negotiations of local of land development where, due to our experience we rely on architectural firms specialized in urban planning. We can also advise for both the real estate development and the urban development of these enterprises.

Our position in asset manager, leads us to strive for the constant commercialisation of our clients’ products, ensuring maximum profitability, as well as the reliability of income collection. We Advise at all times on the execution of lease contracts.

On the other hand, through demands of our customers, we can make the ideal search for these products, either for purchase and use, for purchase and exploitation on a rental basis or directly as a search on the property rental.