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Ethics and social responsibility

At BauCapital we understand that real estate profitability, real estate investment and real estate management are fully compatible with ethics in actions and social responsibility. Understanding that the defense of well-managed private rights does not compete with universal rights, and the defense of our clients’ maximum benefits can’t contradict ethics, clarity and confidence in our actions.

Transparency, trust and professionalism, although adjectives widely used in the sector, for BauCapital are of vital importance, provided they are accompanied by ethics in the proceedings.

For all this, BauCapital is convinced that any help to minimize unfair global imbalances is welcome and we are always at the side of those who contribute their efforts to make a more ethical and fair environment.

BauCapital contributes its small grain of sand to various Organizations in the commented line, encouraging all those to join and contribute their efforts.

Currently, due to our direct knowledge of the managers and our personal involvement, we are collaborating with: SOÑAR DESPIERTO, STREETS OF INDIA – CLAM PER LA DIGNITAT.