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Rental and sales

BAUCAPITAL, analyzes the market constantly, and is qualified to assess and advise on your investments properties.
Should you wish to make investments through us, we will put all our resources at play, so you have the most up-to-date information and analysis of the market in order to make a wise informed decision.
Likewise, we are supported by tax and commercial professionals who can provide expert advice on the best way to make investments, as well as their impact.
The different types of properties we can present to you are:

  • Residential Buildings, Hotels, Offices as possible rental, free for rental or in order to rehabilitate or build.
  • Exclusive apartments in the city of Barcelona, for investment or in prime areas where the location or quality of the apartment is a basic
  • premise for the client.
  • We also have listing of local and free offices, profitability areas in Barcelona or, if needed we act on your behalf as per your requirement.
  • Finally, we also have a portfolio in land, solar and industrial buildings, which according to your need we can expand with more information.

On the other hand, BAUCAPITAL will accompany you at all times through Purchase and Sale Orders, and through the preparation of pre-contracts and deposit agreements, as well as the accompaniment of administrative and legal procedures so that everything is done according to regulations.

Building trade

Bau Capital ensures that you receive accurate advice when making an investment with us from concept design to investment completion.
Identifying the final product or business that is intended. In addition to the adequacy in the market, taking care of the design, maximizing efficiency and without losing efficiency in profitability.
Furthermore, BAUCAPITAL will help you monitor your own the projection, helping to create a
pre-basic project, guiding and advising for the hiring of technicians needed for the projection, or
coordinating the Rehabilitation, which depending on the scope could need the subcontracting of
a specialized company.
Finally, BAUCAPITAL, can take charge at any point of the renovation works of any property following the budgets previously approved by the property, and taking it all the way to its final commercial end.

Property management and operating profit

Property management

  • BAUCAPITAL can take charge, if required of the integral Administration of the property, in relation to its suppliers, constructors, facilities management, community engagements and the potential commercial exploitation of the property.
  • We oversee finding legal advisors for any litigation procedure and its follow-up, as well as liquidations of rents and upkeep through industrial repairing or maintenance of the property

Potential renting

  • BAUCAPITAL, through our specialized company www.bcnrent.com, we can take care of the management of the rent, in all kind of rental agreements such us touristic temporary or traditional as well as:
    • Commercial settings
    • Check-in check-out control
    • Maintenance.
    • Cleaning
    • Revenue